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Hitchens Design Engraving Service

We offer you a wide range of Engraving services unmatched by our rivals.

  • Hitchens Engravers Ltd can now offer customers state of the arts computerised engraving via our CAD design system. This method of engraving does away with the need to mark out facias prior to engraving, saving customers considerable time and money, all we need is your drawing to be supplied to us in one of the following formats:- D.X.F., H.P.G.L., P.L.T., E.P.S. Our computerised machines are capable of dealing with facias and mimics of unlimited size and maintain a standard and quality that is not possible with the old conventional manual way of engraving. For customers without access to C.A.D. we can offer a full design service along with the ability to scan logos etc. Our machines are also capable of engraving small warning labels in any quantity from 1 off to 1000s off along with personalised signs and company logos.

  • This method of manufacturing a facia is achieved by engraving the reverse side of the Perspex in mirror image and colouring the engraving with several different colours, which is ideal for colouring mimics and facias combining different functions that can be colour coded. To finish the facia off the reverse is then painted to the customers own specifications, i.e. to match the colour of the machine the facia will be fitted to.


  • This is one of the oldest ways of manufacturing a facia, the Formica is a sandwich of two different colours. The lettering etc. is engraved through the face of the material revealing the second colour beneath the surface. This is the cheapest way of producing anything from a label to an engraved facia. Although limited in colour range against Perspex panels Hitchens carry a stack of all standard colours including gold and silver.

  • Hitchens can produce scales and dials to any pitch be it 360 degree dial or a scale needing to be calibrated in a bastard pitch. i.e. 1 line every 1.1mm scales and dials can be made in any of the materials carried in stock by Hitchens.

  • We can produce commemorative plaques in a vast array of materials but the most popular materials are brass and stainless steel. With over 1200 standard type styles available we can give a plaque that special look for that special occasion. (ask to see our type style book).

  • These can be supplied in the standard Formica colours either self adhesive or with mounting holes, other materials are available including anodised aluminium. Machine is a cheaper way of producing a control facia but never looks as good as a full facia.

  • Mimic diagrams can be either a fire alarm zone chart showing the building outline and internal zones or a flow diagram for a conveyor system through out a large factory. As with control facias these can be manufactured in Perspex, Formica or anodised aluminium using several colours.

  • Why not include your company logo on your facias, we have the ability to scan anything and turn it into an engraved image allowing us to reproduce your company logo into your facia or even a new registered office plaque. We find our customers find this an inexpensive way of advertising their products.

  • Make your office look more professional by using tailor made signs in your office. Does a visiting client know who he is talking to? Maybe a table top sign holder with the persons name on it, the M.D.s name on his door. The list for office signs is endless so is the types of materials we can use.

  • Are you involved with B.S.5750 if so you will no doubt need information signs to comply with B.S.5750, we can supply you with the relevant signs in the correct colour combinations.

    Large Information Signs

    Other uses for information signs include "warning signs, no parking signs, health and safety signs etc.

    Large Information Signs

  • Hitchens machines are capable of manufacturing heavy duty formers in steel to a very high tolerance no matter how complexed the detail is. Applications for formers include the stamping of serial Nos., onto exhaust systems to bread baking tins so that the loaf of bread when baked will bear the manufacturers name.

  • Hitchens can supply all kinds of stamps and dies including company logo stamps, inspection stamps, branding blocks, etc. in steel and brass.

  • Aluminium stencils can be supplied in any size with any type style or logo as required. We use 22swg aluminium which lasts a lot longer than the conventional cardboard stencils. These are ideal for companies that pack their products in wooden cases and want their names on the cases.

  • With Hitchens having the ability to scan almost anything and reproduce it into an engraved image a precise engraving of customers moulds can be undertaken to an extremely high standard.

  • Hitchens very own Trophy Shop are now able to provide the latest in Trophies and Awards in many styles for all types of sporting presentations. We can also provide Badges, Tie Bars, Cufflinks and Key rings personalised and beautifully enameled.
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